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Chocolati: a hot chocolate cafe in a sea of coffee shops December 23, 2008

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Everyone knows that Seattle loves coffee. And rightly so–the rain and gray make a hot cup o’ joe a welcome pick me up.  But when it snows, it’s hard to beat a cup of hot chocolate to warm your soul. Much to my great fortune, I found myself in Seattle last week, staying with a friend in hip Wallingford, when the crazy snows (eight inches!) started to fall. On my way to the grocery store for provisions, I passed Chocolati, a chocolate cafe that served up just what the doctor ordered.

The list of hot chocolates included peppermint, turtle (hazlenut and caramel), cayenne, and europa. Hmmm…Europa? When I asked the chocolatier what the Europa was, he said it was “a very thick sipping chocolate.” Immediately I hoped for Spanish chocolate stateside…”like liquid pudding” I cautiously asked? “Like liquid pudding” he said. Done. Several minutes later I was enjoying the closest thing to Spanish chocolate I’ve had outside of Spain. Mmmm…kudos to the Chocolati peeps for realizing how awesome Spanish chocolate is!

My partner in crime had the cayenne chocolate, which was also delicious. The first taste is smooth and rich, and the cayenne kicks in at the end. Every sip has the great combination of delicious chocolate and spice–not too strong or soft on either one; elegantly balanced on all counts.

I’m told they have a few locations scattered throughout the Seattle area, so if you find yourself downtown, in Wallingford, or along Greenlake, I highly recommend checking them out. In addition to hot chocolates, they sell coffee and tea drinks, a few pastries, and of course, truffles. The truffle flavors on offer included marionberry, cinnamon almond aztec, and espresso mint. Definitely worth a future visit.